Chromogobius zebratus
   (Kolombatovic, 1891)

Common names: English: Kolombatovic's goby
German: Quergestreifte Grundel

Common synonym: Gobius depressus Kolombatovic, 1891

Length: 4 - 6 cm.

Five pale saddles. Light brown with more than 10 bands across the body, some of them unit on the back of the animal. Some brown spots on the head. Characteristic sign: Dark bar at pectoral fin with conspicuous anterior bend (similar to C. quadrivittatus and Zebrus zebrus).

Body elongated, head flattened. Similar to C. quadrivittatus.
41-52 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+11; A I+9-10; P 15-16.

Carnivorous; small vagile animals.

Spawning season unknown.

1 - 20 m. Rocky shores. Boulder fields, clefts, cavities. Juveniles sometimes associated with sea urchins. Rare.

Chromogobius zebratus
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 6 m depth, May 2007


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Mediterranean; rather unclear (see map); probably much more distributed, maybe in all the area.




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Photographs of Chromogobius zebratus

Chromogobius zebratus
Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 6 m depth, May 2007
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Chromogobius zebratus
Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 6 m depth, May 2007
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Chromogobius zebratus
Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, aquarium
Photograph: Jürgen Herler ©




Drawings of Chromogobius zebratus


Drawings from Miller, 1986


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