Crystallogobius linearis
   (Düben, 1845)

Common names: English: Crystal goby
German: Kristallgrundel

Common synonym:
Crystallogobius nilssonii
(von Düben & Koren, 1846)

Length: 4 - 5 cm.

Transparent. Row of pigmented cells along dorsal and anal fin and below lower jaw.

Elongated body. Without scales. Lower jaw of males with large canine teeth, females with small teeth. Dorsal fin reduced in females. Pelvic disc of male well formed, reduced in females.
30 (29-31) vertebrae. 
Fins: D1 II-III; D2 I+18-20; A I+20-21 (males).


Sawning season: July to September. Males and females benthic during reproductive time. Males build nests in tubes of Chaetopterus and Protula worms. Sexually mature after one year, die after breeding. Low fecundity (200 - 700), small eggs (0.2 - 0.55 mm).

1 - 400 m. Free swimming in groups above soft bottoms. During spawning benthic. Less common.

Crystallogobius linearis (male)
Drawing by F. Wendler from Terofal (1986)



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Mediterranean: absent in southern part; Atlantic.




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Drawing of Crystallogobius linearis



Drawing from Miller, 1986





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