Deltentosteus collonianus
   (Risso, 1826)

Common names: English: Toothed goby
German: Gezähnte Grundel

Synonym: Deltentosteus lichtensteinii (Steindachner, 1883)

Length: 5 - 7 cm.

Yellowish-grey with dark reticulation. Reddish spots and pale saddles on back. 4 dark spots along middle of body. Head with black dots.

Slender. Eyes lateral, in distance of more than half eye-diameter from each other (see D. quadrimaculatus). Anal opening close to anal fin. Praedorsal area and nape scaled.
33 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+10-11; A I+10-11.

No informations, probably carnivorous.

No informations.

5 - 120 m. Soft bottoms and sea grass. Rare.

Deltentosteus collonianus
Photograph: Anne Frijsinger & Mat Vestiens ©
Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 5 m depth, June 2005, during nigth



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Mediterranean; West-Mediterranean, Adriatic; to southern Portugal.



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Photographs of Deltentosteus collonianus


Deltentosteus collonianus
Photograph: Francesco Costa ©
Deltentosteus collonianus
Callelongue, Marseille, January 2019
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Deltentosteus collonianus
Callelongue, Marseille, February 2019
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Deltentosteus collonianus
Callelongue, Marseille, February 2019
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©






Drawings of Deltentosteus collonianus


Drawings from Miller, 1986

Drawing from De Buen, 1923

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