Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus
   (Valenciennes, 1837)

Common names: English: Crystal goby
German: Kristallgrundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 6 - 8 cm.

Yellowish-grey with 4 round black spots along middle of body. D1: anterior part black, black spot at distal part. Males: D1 with 2 black dots, belly yellowish.

Eyes in distance of less than half eye-diameter from each other (see D. colonianus). Anal opening in distance to anal fin. D1: elongated second ray. Males: second finray very elongated. Praedorsal area and nape scaled.
33-36 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+8-9; A I+8-9; P 17-20.

Carnivorous; small benthic animals, mainly crustaceans.

Spawning season March to July.

4 - 150 m, females also in 2 m; more abundant in 30 - 50 m. On sand and sometimes on mud, without any protection. Escapes with a kind of short jump. Less common. In some areas common.

Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus
Photograph: David Luquet ©



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Mediterranean; West-Mediterranean, Adriatic, Greece, Turkey; Atlantic.


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Photograph of Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus

Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus
Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 4 m depth, March 2008
Photograph: Mat Vestjens ©
Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus
Sargena, Italy, June 2016
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus
Sargena, Italy, June 2016
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus ,
Sargena, Italy, June 2016
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©






Drawings of Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus


Drawings from Miller, 1986


Drawing from De Buen, 1923


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