Gobius auratus Risso, 1810

Common names: English: Golden goby
German: Goldgrundel

Common synonym:
Gobius luteus
(Kolombatovic, 1891)

Length: 6 - 8 cm.

Canary yellow; small dark spot at the upper edge of the base of the pectoral fin. Northern Adriatic population: yellow basis colouration with longitudinal lines of red dots (Herler et al., 2005). Similarities to G. fallax and G. xanthocephalus.

Deeply emarginated pelvic disc. Anterior nostrils with small triangular lobes. Praedorsal area and nape scaled. Similarities to G. fallax and G. xanthocephalus.
45 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+14; A I+13; P 19 (18-19).

Carnivorous; mainly Harpacticida (>60%), Gammarida, polychaets, gastropods, algae.

Spawning season: April and May.

8 - 80 m. Rocky shores. Hover 10 to 20 cm above its hiding-place. Relatively timid. Less common.

Gobius auratus
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Adriatic Sea, 10 m depth, May 1989


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Mediterranean; southern France, Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia (A. Colacino: pers. communic.), Southern Italy (M. Maurizio: pers. communic.), Tremiti Islands (L. Cherici: pers. communic.) Sicily, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea and eastern Levant.



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Photographs of Gobius auratus

Gobius auratus
Adriatic Sea, 12 m depth, May 1989
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Gobius auratus
Tyrrhenian Sea, 10 m depth, June 1993
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Gobius auratus
 Northern Adriatic Sea, 15 m depth, May 2008
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Gobius auratus
Northern Adriatic Sea, 10 m depth, June 1999
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©

Drawings of Gobius auratus

Above: lateral line system of G. auratus from nothern Adriatic, male
Below: Pelvic disc A: G. auratus from northern Adriatic, male;
B: neotype of. G. auratus (Heymer & Zander), female



Drawings from Miller, 1986 (as Gobius luteus)


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