Gobius gasteveni Miller, 1974

Common names: English: Steven's goby
German: Steven-Grundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 8 - 12 cm.

Grey to fawn with brownish lateral blotches, 4 of them below D2; cheek and operculum with white dots. Dark line on snout, on eyes and mostly beyond the eyes.

Anterior nostril with thin tentacle. Pelvic disk rounded. Nape scaled, cheek naked.
40-45 (37-45) scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI (V-VI); D2 I+14 (13-15); A I+13 (12-14); P 19-21 (18-22).


No informations.

5 - 120 m. On differen substrates: soft bottoms, stones, coralline grounds. Timid. Rare.

Gobius gasteveni
Photograph: Emanuel Goncalves ©
Arrabida Marine Park, Portugal, March 1998



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Mediterranean: only uttermost west; Atlantic: Portugal, English Channel, Kanaries, Madeira.





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Drawings of Gobius gasteveni



Drawings from Miller, 1986 


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