Gobius paganellus Linnaeus, 1758

Common names: English: Rock goby
German: Felsengrundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 10 - 12 cm.

Bright to middle brown with dark marbling. Lateral spots. D1 with orange or yellow margin. Sometimes whitish bar below the eye.
Males during spawning: dark brown body and D1 with bright margin (colouration observed also in September, --> photographs).

Tentacles at anterior nostrils with finger-like protrusions. Praedorsal area and nape scaled. Pelvic disc rounded. Free rays of P well developed.
50-55 (46-59) scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+13-14 (12-15); A I+11-12 (10-13); P 21-22 (18-23).

Carnivorous; crustaceans, polychaets, sometimes small fish.

Spawning season in Mediterranean: January to June. Reproductive behaviour: goby pattern. One female has 1.000 - 9.000 eggs (1.3 - 3 mm). Planktonic larvae (3.6 - 10.5 mm). Up to 10 years old. Sometime hybridism with G. cobitis.

1 - 20 m. Rocky shores. Flat and steep rocks, boulder fields. Quite common.

Gobius paganellus
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Banyuls, Southern France, 10 m depth, September 1990


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Mediterranean; Black Sea; Atlantic; northernmost part of Red Sea.




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Photographs of Gobius paganellus

Gobius paganellus
Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 18 m depth, September 1993
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Gobius paganellus
Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 12 m depth, September 1988
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Gobius paganellus
Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 18 m depth, September 1993
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Gobius paganellus
Cyprus,  8 m depth, July 2002, during night
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©




Drawings of Gobius paganellus



Drawings from Miller (1986)



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