Lesueurigobius sanzi
   (De Buen, 1918)

Common names: English: Sanzo's goby
German: Sanzo-Grundel

Common synonym
Lesueurigobius sanzoi (De Buen, 1918)

Length: 8 - 11 cm.

Diffuse yellow and dark brown bands across the body. A and C more coloured in males. Females with grey pigment near genital opening.

Rays of D1 extremely elongated. Nape scaled.
25-26 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+15; A I+16-17; P 22.

Carnivorous; mainly crustaceans, also polychaets and molluscs. Males during spawning feed mainly on molluscs.

Spawning season May to September (Atlantic). Breeding after one year; die after one or two breedings. Eggs 0.56-0.71 mm; males guard nests. Probably more than one spawning per breeding season. Sex ratio 1 : 1.

40 - 100 m. Soft bottoms, muddy sand. Not common.

Lesueurigobius sanzi
Drawing from Miller (1986)



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Mediterranean: only in outermost western part; Atlantic: main distribution.


Literature on Lesueurigobius sanzi

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Drawing of Lesueurigobius sanzi




Drawing from Miller, 1986


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