Favonigobius (=Papillogobius) melanobranchus (Fowler, 1934)

Common names: English: Blackthroat goby
German: Schwarzkehl-Grundel

Common synonym
Papillogobius melanobranchus
(Fowler, 1934)

Length: 5.5 cm.

Body with small spots; sides with 4 - 5 groups of black spots, last spot on caudal peduncle often paired and ending with a thin vertical bar at caudal fin base. Males with 6 - 8 dark vertical lines on belly; dorsal, anal and pelvic fins dusky to black; caudal fin with thin wavy bars and upper margin with 1 - 2 black spots. Females with spotted fins except for pelvic fins (Hoese, 1986).

Body moderately elongate, laterally compressed. Head depressed and short. Snout with moderatly sloping profile. Anterior nostril short, tubul a r, lacking process from rim. Eyes dorso-lateral, relatively small. Mouth oblique. Angle of jaws ending below anterior part of eye (Kovacic & Golani, 2007).
28 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+8-9; A I+8-9.


No informations.

0 - 5 m. Inhabits silty sand bottoms and seagrass areas. Very rare in the Mediterranean.

Favonigobius melanobranchus
Townesville, Queensland
Photograph: Rick Winterbottom ©


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Mediterranean; only Northern Sinai, Egypt. Indo-West Pacific, not in the Red Sea.




Literature on Favonigobius melanobranchus

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Photographs of Favonigobius melanobranchus

Favonigobius melanobranchus
Bardawil lagoon, Northern Sinai, Egypt, May 1978
From Kovacic & Golani, 2007



Drawing of Favonigobius melanobranchus



Drawing from Kovacic & Golani, 2007.




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