Pomatoschistus knerii
   (Steindachner, 1861)

Common names: English: Kner's goby

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 3 - 4 cm.

Reddish orange; dark spot on base of caudal fin. Numerous dark bands across the body (males more than females). Males: D1 and D2 with blue ribbon, dark spot in D1. Juveniles: transparent.

Eyes large, with space in between. Head roundish. Caudal fin slightly emarginate (otherwise only in P. quagga). Praedorsal area and breast naked.
41-44 (38-46) scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI (VI-VII); D2 I+10 (9-11); A I+9-10 (8-10); P 18 (17-20).


No informations.

1 - 10 m. Sand bottoms near rocks and Cymodocea-meadows (sea-grass). Usually hovers 10 - 50 cm above bottom; in danger it moves to the ground. In groups. Common in a few areas.

Pomatoschistus knerii
Photograph: Marcelo Kovacic ©
Northern Adriatic Sea, Island of Susak, Croatia, 2006


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Mediterranean: Probably only northern Adriatic.







Literature on Pomatoschistus knerii


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Photographs of Pomatoschistus knerii



Pomatoschistus knerii
Northern Adriatic Sea, Island of Krk, Croatia, May 2010
Photograph: Jasna Vukic ©
Pomatoschistus knerii
Northern Adriatic Sea, Island of Krk, Croatia, May 2012
Photograph: Jasna Vukic ©






Drawings of Pomatoschistus knerii


Drawings from Miller (1986)

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