Pseudaphya ferreri
   (De Buen & Fage, 1908)

Common names: English: Ferrer's goby
German: Ferrer-Grundel

Common synonym
Pseudaphya pelagica De Buen, 1931

Length: 3 - 4 cm.

Partly transparent. 4 dark elongated dots along side. Base of caudal fin with triangular black spot. White spots along side and back (similar to Pomatoschistus bathi).

D1 and D2 in great distance to each other. Eyes large. Predorsal area partly scaled, head naked.
25-30 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 V(!); D2 I+7-10; A I+9-10; P 15-16.


Spawning season June. Females mature at 2.6 - 2.7 mm.

2 - 15 m. Soft bottoms in sandy bays. Mostly free swimming. Forms large troops, especially from December to April. Sometimes together with Aphia minuta. Less common, in some areas common.

Pseudaphya ferreri
Callelongue, Marseille, March 2019
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©



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Mediterranean: western Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Sea.







Literature on Pseudaphya ferreri


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Photographs of Pseudaphya ferreri

Pseudaphya ferreri
Samena, Marseille, December 2015
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Pseudaphya ferreri
Callelongue, Marseille, May 2016
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©




Drawings Pseudaphya ferreri

Drawings from Miller (1986). The total image (right) sligthly altered.



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