Speleogobius llorisi
Kovacic, Ordines & Schliewen, 2016

Common names: English: Llori's grotto goby
German: Lloris-Höhlengrundel

Synonyms: none.

Length: 2.5 cm.

Female: head and body to V and P bases orange red, rest of body whitish-transparent. Predorsal area pink whitish, underside of head and cheek mottled orange red and whitish, chin with two blotches of melanophore; a transverse orange-red band on chin; opercle and prepelvic area orange red. Caudal peduncle with dark blotch. Dorsum with three broad, transverse dark bands. Fins mostly transparent.

Body moderately elongate, laterally compressed with a slender caudal peduncle. Head long, slightly depressed, with a nearly horizontal predorsal profile. Snout moderately long and pointed, equal or longer than eye.
28-29 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I/6-7; A I/6-7; P 15.

No informations, probably carnivorous.

No informations.

40 - 70 m depth on red algae beds, in sheltered areas, without significant currents. Rare.

Speleogobius llorisi

Photograph: Francesc Ordines ©
Holotype. Freshly collected specimen (from Kovacic et al,. 2016)


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Mediterranean: Mallorca, Balearic Islands.




Literature on Speleogobius llorisi


Kovacic M., Ordines F. & Schliewen U., 2016: A new species of Speleogobius (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from the Western Mediterranean Sea. Zootaxa 4066: 301-310.






Photographs of Speleogobius llorisi



Speleogobius llorisi
Holotype. Preserved specimen (from Kovacic et al,. 2016)
Photograph: Marcelo Kovacic ©
Speleogobius llorisi
Paratype. Preserved specimen (from Kovacic et al,. 2016)
Photograph: Marcelo Kovacic ©





Drawing of Speleogobius llorisi


Drawing from Kovacic et al., 2016



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