Speleogobius trigloides
   Zander & Jelinek, 1976

Common names: English: Grotto goby
German: Adriatische Höhlengrundel

Synonyms: none.

Length: 2.5 cm.

Males reddish brown to red with 5 pale saddles and 8 pale lateral spots (first white other turquoise blue); caudal fin yellow, dorsal fins red-brown with violet bands and spots.

Head acute, eyes large. Predorsal area and head scaled.
26-30 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+7 (6-7); A I+5 (5-7); P 14-15.

No informations, probably carnivorous.

Males with 1.75 cm sexually mature.

8 to at least 30 m (see photograph). Rocky shores. Usually free, only seldom in caves (name!). Can hover above the ground. Rare.

Speleogobius trigloides
Photograph: Mat Vestjens ©
Nortnern Adriatic, May 2010, 30 m depth


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Mediterranean: middle and northern Adriatic Sea.




Literature on Speleogobius trigloides


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Photographs of Speleogobius trigloides



Speleogobius trigloides
Nortnern Adriatic Sea, aquarium
Photograph: Jürgen Herler ©
Speleogobius trigloides
Northern Adriatic Sea, out of water
Photograph: Marcelo Kovacic ©





Drawings of Speleogobius trigloides


Drawings from Miller (1986)

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