Vanneaugobius dollfusi
   Brownell, 1978

Common names: English: Dollfus' goby
German: Dollfus-Grundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 6 cm.

Fawn, coarse reticulation with brows dots, forming four blotches along midline and one on base of caudal fin. D1 with black spot in lower anterior corner.

First ray of D1 is longest. C rounded. Predorsal area and head naked. Breast with cycloid scales. Body with ctenoid scales. Uppermost and lowermost scales on base of C with elongated ctenii. Anterior nostril tubular.
26-29 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI-VII; D2 I+9-10; A I+8-9; P 16-17.

No informations, probably carnivorous.

No informations.

30 - 110 m. Coralline ground, shell-gravel, sand with rocky outcrops, mud and sandy silt bottom. Rare.

Vanneaugobius dollfusi
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Ile de Planier, Marseille, June 2018



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Mediterranean: central Adriatic Sea, northern part of Western Mediterranean, Malta and Aegean Sea; Atlantic Sea: Morocco.




Literature on Vanneaugobius dollfusi


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Photographs of Vanneaugobius dollfusi

Vanneaugobius dollfusi
August 2012
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Vanneaugobius dollfusi
Ile Moyade, Marseille, June 2018
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Vanneaugobius dollfusi
Ile de Planier, Marseille, September 2018
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©
Vanneaugobius dollfusi
Ile de Planier, Marseille, June 2018
Photograph: Sylvain Le Bris, Fish Watch Forum ©





Drawings of Vanneaugobius dollfusi


Holotype. Drawings from Brownell, 1978


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