Vanderhorstia mertensi Klausewitz, 1974

Common names: English: Mertens' prawn-goby
German: Mertens Garnelengrundel

Common synonym

Length: 11 cm.

Dark stripe on the maxilla, numerous yellow/orange spots on head and the dorsal part of the body, a dark spot on the opercle, a vertical dark stripe (not extending down the belly) below the 4th ray of first dorsal fin, three large dark spots below the second dorsal fin and one dark spot on the caudal peduncle, all fins with distinct yellow spots (except for the pelvic fins) (Bilecenoglu et al., 2008).

Body elongated and laterally compressed; mouth large and oblique, maxilla reaching beyond a vertical through the middle of the eye.
52 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D VI-I, 15; A I+16 (Bilecenoglu et al., 2008).


No informations.

2 - 52 m in the Mediterranean. Inhabits sandy/muddy bottoms and seagrass areas (Bilecenoglu et al., 2008). Rare in the Mediterranean.

Vanderhorstia mertensi
Photograph: Patrick Louisy ©
Kas (Southern Turkey), 20 m depth


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Mediterranean; only in south west of Turkey. Red Sea (Dor 1984), Oman (Randall 1995), Philippines, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea (Froese & Pauly 2009), Japan (Shibukawa and Suzuki
2004) and Australia (Yearsley et al. 2006).




Literature on Vanderhorstia mertensi

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Photographs on Vanderhorstia mertensi


Vanderhorstia mertensi
Kas (Southern Turkey), 20 m
Photograph: Patrick Louisy ©
Vanderhorstia mertensi
With symbiotic alpheid shrimp (Alpheus rapacida). Kas (Southern Turkey), 20 m
Photograph: Patrick Louisy ©








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