Zebrus zebrus (Risso, 1826)

Common names: English: Zebra goby
German: Zebragrundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 4 - 7 cm.

Brown to olive green with dark bands across the body. White or yellow band from base of pectoral fin to eye and from there rectangularly towards the nape. Small yellow spots on sides of the head. Dorsal and caudal fins with small dark stripe across. Characteristic sign: dark band on base of pectoral fin (similar in Chromogobius zebratus).

Head flattened. Snout shorter than eye. Anterior nostril tubular, with tentacle. Filamentous rays at P. Predorsal area and head naked. Pelvic disc complete.
32-34 (29-38) scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI (V-VI); D2 I+11; A I+9 (7-10); P 17 (16-18).


Spawning season in June and July. After Nieto & Alberto (1992) from April to November. Eggs (1.8 x 0.53 mm) are recorded from underside of Gracilaria (red algae). Hatch at 2.76 mm after 7 days. Spawn probably more than once a year.

0.1 - 15 m, sometimes to 36 m (Kesici & Dalyan, 2019). Rocky shores. Boulder fields, tidal pools, also lagoons. Juveniles sometimes associated with sea urchins. Less common.

Zebrus zebrus
Photograph: Stefano Guerrier ©
Tuscany, Italy



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Mediterranean: rare at north African coast; Atlantic: southern Spain.



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Photographs of Zebrus zebrus

Zebrus zebrus
Tuscany, Italy
Photograph: Stefano Guerrier ©
Zebrus zebrus
Tuscany, Italy
Photograph: Stefano Guerrier ©
Zebrus zebrus
Ibiza, Baleares, aquarium (caught in 5 m), September 1995
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©



Drawings of Zebrus zebrus



Drawings from Miller, 1986

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