Aphia minuta (Risso, 1810)

Common names: English: Transparent goby
German: Glasgrundel

Common synonym: Aphia pellucida (Nardo, 1824)

Length: 4 - 6 cm (in Mediterranean 4.5 cm).

Transparent, whitish to reddish. Head slightly pigmented. Row of pigmented cells on back and belly.

Body elongated. Features from larval gobies. Eyes laterally situated. D1 and D2 in great distance to each other (especially in females). During spawning males with large canine teeth in lower jaw. Praedorsal area and head nacked.
23-25 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 V (IV-VI); D2 I+12 (11-13); A I+13-14 (11-15); P 17-18 (15-19).


Two spawning seasons: spring and summer in older females, summer and autumn in younger ones. Males and females benthic during reproductive time. Sexually mature after one year, die after breeding.

0.2 - 80 m. Free swimming inshore and in lagoons, sometimes above sea grass. Often in dense shoals. Less common.

Aphia minuta
Photograph: Stefano Guerrieri, Natura Mediterraneo ©
Ardenza-Livorno, Italy, November 2006



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Mediterranean; Black Sea; Atlantic (Morocco to Norway).



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Photographs of Aphia minuta

Aphia minuta
Livorno Calafuria, Italy, May 2010, during night
Photograph: Stefano Guerrieri, Natura Mediterraneo ©
Aphia minuta
Thau lagoon (Southern France), July 2018, 3 m depth
Photograph: Patrick Louisy, Fish Watch Forum ©




Drawings of Aphia minuta


Drawings from Miller, 1986

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