Bathygobius cyclopterus
   (Valenciennes, 1837)

Common names: English: Spotted frillgoby
German: Gefleckte Rüschengrundel

Common synonyms: Gobius cyclopterus Valenciennes, 1837; Gobius nox Bleeker, 1851; Gobius variabilis Steindachner, 1901; Gobius varius Steindachner, 1901; Mapo mearnsi Evermann & Seale, 1906; Mapo crassiceps Jordan & Seale, 1906; Bathygobius laoe Roxas & Ablan, 1940.

Length: 8 cm.

Brown with irregular spots; often with dark brown saddle below each of the dorsal fins; dorsal and caudal fins with bands in females, dusky in males.

Head depressed, caudal fin rounded, about equal in length to head with snout. Upper part of operculim scaled, scales on nape cycloid.
37 - 38 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+9; A I+8; P 20-22.

Probably carnivorous.

No informations.

25 m in Mediterranean. In Indo-Pacific: 0 - 20 m. Intertidal seaward reef flats and shallow reefs near shore.

Bathygobius cyclopterus
Photograph: J.E. Randall ©
Israel Eilat Gulf of Aqaba, 1976



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Mediterranean: near Suez Canal, Egypt (immigrant from the Red Sea). Indo-Pacific.







Literature on Bathygobius cyclopterus


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Photographs of Bathygobius cyclopterus



Bathygobius cyclopterus
India, Kovalam, 1980
Photograph: J.E. Randall ©
Bathygobius cf. cyclopterus
Reef of Guam
Photograph: Dave Burdick ©







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