Gobius couchi
   Miller & El-Tawil, 1974

Common names: English: Couchi's goby
German: Couch-Gundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 9 cm, in Mediterranean 7 cm.

Dark reticulation, 5 lateral blotches; golden spots below midline, 1 (sometimes 2) dark cheek spots. Dark spot with white margin at the upper end of the base of the pectoral fin.

Praedorsal area and nape scaled, cheek naked. Pelvic disk rounded to truncate. Anterior nostril with triangular lappet.
Important criterion: the first dorsal fin of this species is different from all other because all the rays of the first dorsal fin have free upper part (no membrane). See photographs ->
40-41 (35-45) scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+13 (12-14); A I+12 (11-13); P 16-17 (15-18).

Omnivorous; polychaets, algae, crustaceans, bivalves.

Spawning in Atlantic: spring.

Less than 1 to 20 m. Often on sand, in quiet waters between and in holse under roots of Cymodocea nodosa. Also on gently sloping bedrocks grooved with channels and pools filld with sand. Lying on the bottom, close to a shelter.

Gobius couchi female
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Croatia, northern Adriatic Sea, 3 m depth, May 2014



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Mediterranean: Spotted distribution in the Mediterranean (see map). Atlantic: south-west of England and Ireland.



Literature on Gobius couchi


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Photographs of Gobius couchi

Gobius couchi, male
Croatia, northern Adriatic Sea, 1 m depth, 2016
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Gobius couchi
Croatia, northern Adriatic Sea, 2 m depth, 2016
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Gobius couchi, male
Croatia, northern Adriatic Sea, 3 m depth, 2014
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Gobius couchi, during night
South of Livorno, Italy, 2 m depth, May 2016
Photograph: Stefano Guerrieri ©





Drawings of Gobius couchi

Above: drawings from Miller, 1986

Right: head lateral-line sensory papillae and canal pores of male, 53.8 + 12.3 mm, AN, PN = anterior and posterior nostrils. Pores in Greek characters. Scale = 3 mm.

From Kovacic, 2001

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