Pomatoschistus marmoratus
   (Risso, 1810)

Common names: English: Marbled goby

Common synonym
Pomatoschistus microps leopardinus (Nordmann, 1840)

Length: 5 - 7 cm.

Whitish yellow; marbled; numerous small brown dots. Dark spots along the midline (last one on base of caudal fin). Males with 4 dark bars across, dark spot in D1 and dark breast. Females with light breast and dark blotch on chin.

Caudal fin rounded. Praedorsal area naked, breast scaled.
40-46 (37-48) scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI (V-VII); D2 I+9 (8-10); A I+9 (8-10); P 19-20 (17-21).

Carnivorous; small crustaceans, larvae of insects.

Spawning season in Mediterranean (Venice): April to July, and August to September. In Suez Canal: November to April. One female has 307 - 1,226 eggs (1.0 x 0.6 mm). Eggs are laied under bivalve shells. Parental (male) care. Sexually mature after 1 year. Age: 17 months.

0,1 - 20 m. Soft bottoms. Also in brackish water and salt works. Common.

Pomatoschistus marmoratus
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Male, Adriatic Sea, 30 cm depth, June 2020


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Mediterranean; Black Sea; Suez Canal.




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Photographs of Pomatoschistus marmoratus



Pomatoschistus marmoratus
Adriatic Sea, mating female, June 2020
Roberto Pillon ©
Pomatoschistus marmoratus
Adriatic Sea, mating male, June 2020
Photograph: Roberto Pillon ©
Pomatoschistus marmoratus
Malta, July 2019
Photograph: Mark Falzon ©
Pomatoschistus marmoratus
Malta, July 2019
Photograph: Mark Falzon ©






Drawings of Pomatoschistus marmoratus


Drawings from Miller (1986)

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