Thorogobius macrolepis
   (Kolombatovic, 1891)

Common names: English: Large-scaled goby
German: Kleine Leopardengrundel

Common synonyms: none.

Length: 5 - 7 cm.

Similar to T. ephippiatus, spots pale brown. D1 without spot.

Predorsal area and head naked. Anterior membrane of pelvic disc missing or vestigal.
27-28 scales in lateral series.
Fins: D1 VI; D2 I+11; A I+10; P 17-18.

No informations, probably carnivorous.

No informations.

6 - 50 m. Rocky shores on sandy patches. Rare, more common in the northern Adriatic.

Thorogobius macrolepis
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 15 m depth, July 1998


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Mediterranean: Baleares, southern France, Adriatic.




Literature on Thorogobius macrolepis

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Photographs of Thorogobius macrolepis

Thorogobius macrolepis
Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 15 m depth, July 1998
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Thorogobius macrolepis
Adriatic Sea, Croatia, 10 m depth, July 1998
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©
Thorogobius macrolepis
Tyrrhenian Sea, 35 m depth, May 2007, during night
Photograph: Stefano Guerrieri ©
Thorogobius macrolepis
Ibiza, Baleares, 20 m depth, September 1992
Photograph: Robert A. Patzner ©





Drawings of Thorogobius macrolepis


Drawings from Miller (1986)



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